November 20, 2008

Keiko x ANA and Kanaflex

Okay, I'm a thousand times late. It's just that I hoped to have a nice quality available for download, but I guess that's just not going to happen. Time for me to play media catch-up! (ketchup? lol)

ANA is short for All Nippon Airways, an airline with headquarters in Tokyo. Their latest ads featured Keiko, the smoking hot Satoshi Tsumabuki (who was Keiko's co-star in the DoCoMo 2.0 TV-CMs), and Hidehiko Ishizuka.

30 sec TV-CM

catch the rest of them here!

Now, Kanaflex, appears to be some sort of wildlife preservation company, particularly for orangutans. Yay for Keiko going green!

30 sec. TV-CM

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Rika-Chicchi said...

Kanaflex is actually an industrial/architectural materials supplier - y'know, even oil companies' ads look like green groups' nowadays. lol