January 2, 2009

Happy (belated) NEW YEARS!!!!!!

I'm late I know, suck it up! As 2008 is officially over it has come to my attention that it's (finally) 2009! There are major changes coming to IKK so brace yourselves for these upcoming announcements.

01. The blog is now closed. I know, I know, I know, so if the blog closes then what's happening to IKK? Well it's going to go bye-bye for a little bit while I learn how to use Dreamweaver and div layers. That, and balance school and work. I'm sorry to say it may very well be months until it is back but it WILL be back with a vengeance and in ways that you will barely believe. 

02. The forums will remain open. There is but one factor keeping me from trashing the forums entirely, and that's Ryuus translations so thank him profusely for it. No offense but the forums have become this form of annoyance that I really don't need right now, and there are not enough active people. Honestly the Keiko fan base has become exhausting and I'd rather focus on Keiko herself. True she's become famous enough that she doesn't need a promoter, but she's still my favorite so if anything I will continue to spread the love. Her English speaking branch isn't nearly as powerful as her Japanese branch and I would love to be the one to help change that. If that's the case than the forums might as well be useless in the sense that it can never be as focus on her as the site would be. Granted, it would alienate anyone who isn't all that fond of Keiko and just likes the community and I would be sorry to lose that. But it IS less drama so....the future of the forums is unclear but it's there so enjoy it. 

03. I'm leaving the country. While the original intent was for me to be in Tokyo, money is of course an issue, so that's not going to happen. So the next best thing? Going to another design capital in the world! As of January 12, 2009 to April 28, 2009 I will be studying abroad in Rome, Italy! I will also be studying a bit in England, Switzerland, France, and Greece so if any Keiko fans live there---let me know! I will be taking Italian (since it's mandatory--wonder why..lol...) an Italian Design class with a three day excursion to Milan, a Roman Literature class, Advanced Drawing (which is Junior level so I will have to work hard) and Digital Photography!

03. I will be opening an artist blog. Yes, you'll be able to follow me all over Rome through entries and video streams. From flea markets, to vineyards, museums, opera's, and fashion shows! I'll put up photos and my artwork and you'll get to know me and my friends better! The page is under construction now but I'll alert (via the forums) with a link when it's ready. Bookmark the page! And comments are more than welcome. 

04. I'm not Keiko. Stunning revelation, I know, but I still get e-mails addressing me as if I were! That being said, I hope you guys will still keep me posted on Keiko activities even though I'll be removed from them. More often than not I won't know what's going on since I'll be busy trying to adapt to the Italian culture. Whatever Keiko stuff I stumble upon (scans, media, ect) I will keep until I update again, so be prepared to be overwhelmed by a stellar return.

Thanks so much to everyone who's supported IKK this year through all the ups and downs. You don't know how much I truly appreciate it and although it may not always appear that way I am very, very thankful! So let's make 2009 an awesome year even bigger and better than 2008! God bless you all! See you in...goodness...MAY!

Love, Sade 

December 15, 2008

Oricon: Who do you want as your lover?

I never thought I'd live to see the day when Keiko would rank on one of Oricon's ridiculously wonderful polls. Nope, never thought I'd see it. And boy, did this just liven up my already ridiculously stressful day. A testament to her rising popularity Keiko, ranked 9th on Oricon's annual, "Who do you want as your lover?" poll. See if you can find the similarities between the Nifty Ranking and this one!

Celebrity (Male)
01. Masaharu Fukuyama
02. Takuya Kimura
03. Hiroshi Tamaki
04. Sho Sakurai
05. Teppei Koiki
06. Koichi Domoto
07. Yusuke Kamiji
08. Haruma Miura
09. Shun Oguri
10. Takeru Sato

Celebrity (Female)
01. Aya Ueto
02. Masami Nagasawa
03. Haruka Ayase
04. Yui Aragaki
05. Erika Toda
06. Saki Aibu
07. Maki Horikita
08. Aoi Miyazaki
09. Keiko Kitagawa
10. Ai Otsuka

It's nice to see Keiko ranked with some of the biggest young stars in Japan right now! Men in their 20s were especially loving Keiko's seemingly charming personality, noting that she's beautiful, and a sort of sweetheart they'd have fun spending time with. Oricon predicts she'll continuing charming many more and climb in the ranks for next year.

December 13, 2008

Nifty's "Most Searched Names" 2008

Nifty's annual search rankings for 2008 are here! And on the female list for most searched entertainer, Keiko ranked 7th overall! Amazing! She and fellow ranker SHIHO (in 9th place) are new faces to the list expected to rank higher next year. The list goes as follows:

Most Searched Names (male) 2008
01. Arashi (boyband)
02. Yusuke Kamiji (actor)
03. EXILE (manband? the boys of EXILE are pretty old, lol)
04. Tohoshinki (possibly the best boyband in all of asia)
05. Kobukuro (band)
06. Ryosuke Yamada (member of HEY! SAY! JUMP!)
07. Takeru Sato (actor)
08. Shun Oguri (actor)
09. Porno Graffiti (band)
10. Masaharu Fukuyama (actor/ singer)

Most Searched Names (female) 2008:
01. Mai Tian-Ri (singer/idol)
02. YUI (singer)
03. Shokotan (singer/ idol)
04. Suzanne (actress)
05. Ayumi Hamasaki (singer)
06. Rie Tomosaka (actress)
07. Keiko Kitagawa (actress)
08. Saeko (actress) 
09. SHIHO (model)
10. Aki Hoshino (gravure model)

Oh, and as of right now, she's 9th on Yahoo! Japan's most searched and 17th on Oricon. ^_^

December 11, 2008

December 4, 2008

Vivid Moon Unveiled!

Finally a little loving as SEED released a little teaser of Keiko for the Vivid Moon campaign. Wish there was more though, right now I'm being distracted by the coolness of Shun Oguri x Plusmix. My oh my, he can sure wear some specs! Anywho, look forward to more Vivid Moon goodness coming soon this month.