December 13, 2008

Nifty's "Most Searched Names" 2008

Nifty's annual search rankings for 2008 are here! And on the female list for most searched entertainer, Keiko ranked 7th overall! Amazing! She and fellow ranker SHIHO (in 9th place) are new faces to the list expected to rank higher next year. The list goes as follows:

Most Searched Names (male) 2008
01. Arashi (boyband)
02. Yusuke Kamiji (actor)
03. EXILE (manband? the boys of EXILE are pretty old, lol)
04. Tohoshinki (possibly the best boyband in all of asia)
05. Kobukuro (band)
06. Ryosuke Yamada (member of HEY! SAY! JUMP!)
07. Takeru Sato (actor)
08. Shun Oguri (actor)
09. Porno Graffiti (band)
10. Masaharu Fukuyama (actor/ singer)

Most Searched Names (female) 2008:
01. Mai Tian-Ri (singer/idol)
02. YUI (singer)
03. Shokotan (singer/ idol)
04. Suzanne (actress)
05. Ayumi Hamasaki (singer)
06. Rie Tomosaka (actress)
07. Keiko Kitagawa (actress)
08. Saeko (actress) 
09. SHIHO (model)
10. Aki Hoshino (gravure model)

Oh, and as of right now, she's 9th on Yahoo! Japan's most searched and 17th on Oricon. ^_^

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