November 3, 2008

Welcome, Winter!

So in case you haven't noticed, the layout has changed two times before now. That was me just trying to get a better control over which template would work best with the way the information is set up and how I would be using certain images. I've settled on this template and finally settled on using this image. It features Keiko from her December 2008 appearance in non-no magazine (see the scans tag). Normally I steer clear of pink but it ended up looking so soft and inviting that I decided to give in and just let it be instead of shifting it to look more purple.

While creating this layout it has come to my attention that the scans that I've been distributing aren't exactly the best quality they can be. As a result I will try to go and properly clean up the scans UPON REQUEST. If you really want a set of scans cleaned up, simply leave word in the comments section of those set of scans.

Speaking of comments, once again I'm running into the issue where people are taking, taking, taking, and not thanking, thanking, thanking. This isn't easy for me. And it's not making me happy that the chances of me having to rebuild a lot of IKK from the ground up is increasing drastically. So please leave some words of encouragement or input on the information that I put up for you. Ask questions, I will answer! That is all I ask in return. And for those (very few) of you who have left comments, I sincerely appreciate it.

I'm away from my computer right now, so I can't update fully on what I want to. Too busy dressing up as a goddess and parading around New York and now I have a crapload of homework to catch up on. I don't regret it (boy did I have fun! ^_^) but I wish there were more hours in the day for me to finish homework AND work on IKK! I put this layout together during my Digital Imaging class! O_O. I know, bad, but I have zero interest in learning about LightBox. Happy be-lated Halloween!

<3 Sade


MonaRio said...

i really njoy this blog but never knew that i can leave comments..XP
thx for the hard works!!really appreciate what u did here..XD

Hannah said...

i really like the colors you used. Most people when using purple go for the neonish color.