November 3, 2008

Handsome Suit Premieres!

FINALLY! The day came and went but Handsome Suit had a successful premiere! For his first movie role, Tanihara-kun did a fantastic job. The movie was SO very well received debuting in the no. 3 spot in the Japanese box office, fairing well against Red Cliff (1st place) and Galileo (knocked to the 2nd spot). SUPERB work by the Handsome promotion group, they did an fantastic job getting the word out there and made following the weeks up to the premiere very delightful. And to Director Hanabusa as well, Handsome Suit is expected to hold on to its Top 5 spot, strong! It's been a year since Keiko's touched the script, but isn't everyone glad she decided to do it? I think she's proven that she can hold her own as a lead actress and whatever skepticism Homeroom on the Beachside may have brought up, her performance in Handsome Suit easily shot it down. Average rating is 4/5 stars, and there is nothing but love for the movie all around. Can't wait to see the movie myself!

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