November 14, 2008

The strength of "Handsome!"

The latest box office reports are in! As you know, Handsome Suit premiered in the no. 3 spot dropping down to the no. 4 spot and holding its own against big name movies like Red Cliff and Galileo. Well this week, it survived the onslaught of movies coming out; retaining it's position at the no. 4 spot. This makes it the 2nd week Handsome Suit has held a Top 5 spot! We'll see how well it fares against the movies coming out this weekend, like the highly anticipated star-studded, GS Wonderland.

For those of you who don't know, Handsome Suit also had the luck of being one of many films to be shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF). It was warmly received! According to Keiko's latest blog entry it's rights are being reviewed for the movie in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Taiwan! 

I'm so happy with the success of Handsome Suit! Congrats to the cast and staff and most of all Director Hanabusa for pulling off such a successful blockbuster! Read reviews of the movie here and here. (thanks DB!)

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