November 9, 2008

Coming Soon!

I've finally sat down and beefed up my arsenal of online stores to help me piece together my first "dress like Keiko" segment. Unfortunately, this will only be useful to her female fans but I think I reserve the right to play favorites here. ^_^ 

For inspiration I'll be using Keiko of course, the clothes she wears going out on her blog and outfits that fit her well as displayed in magazines and press conferences. I'll also be doing a cover on make-up, accessories, shoes, and hair. Please, keep in mind that I'm limited with what I know. Even though I know a lot on this kind of stuff, suggestions are welcome. Any time I can point directly to the store for the EXACT article of clothing Keiko has, I'll do so, but for the most part the stores I'm using are in America. And since I'm cost conscious, I'll try my hardest to find decently priced articles to match up with Keiko's style the best that I can.

Below are a list of the stores that I'll be matching these outfits up from. I'll put a star next to the ones I actually shop at. ^_^ Forever 21 is top on my list---it's a Korean based store, my absolute favorite, and matches Keiko's style PERFECTLY.

08. Diesel
10. H&M* (unfortunately H&M's online store does not come in english. But if you ever get the chance to shop there, SHOP THERE)

And these are my 10 picks. So you can save the links now for your own reference, but I will include the links in the posts that I make. Stay tuned for vol. 1 of "That Kei-chan Style."

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