October 19, 2008

Oh....this is gonna suck

Learning new things is only fun when you actually have the time to learn it. ^_^ This just means that the layout for this blog will suck bad bad until I'm able to sit down and dress it up nicely. In the meantime---I'm pretty sure it's the content that's going to win you over when all else fails.

Welcome to the blog chapter of IKK. I'm calling it "Made in Kobe: an IKK blog" for now. The name is subject to change and suggestions are most certainly welcome. It's only supposed to exist for how long it takes me to learn and utilize dreamweaver, so let the countdown begin.

In the meantime, enjoy the scans, media, and all other goodies that I plan to throw up here for your entertainment. Thank-you for supporting IKK!

>3 Sade

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i can make you a layout for IKK. Dreamweaver really sucks. It took me forever to learn it and i hate it. do it manually. for beginners try using DIV layers, they are nice and easy to use, or use Iframes.