October 20, 2008

1,400 rush to see Keiko!

Yesterday, Keiko was in her hometown of Kobe to promote Handsome Suit with the director Tsutomu Hanabusa! 

Sporting shorter locks and looking amazing in a tailored blazer, skinny jeans, and ankle boots, Keiko rocked the crowds of the Marine Pier in Hyogo Prefecture. That morning, as many as 1,400 Kobe natives showed up to support their favorite rising star. "I was surprised!" Keiko said when asked about the turn out, "I seemed embarrassed to promote in front of my parents and friends but really this is amazing." The event was a triumphant success.

Keiko, who is set to graduate from Meiji University this spring, received many words of encouragement from other young women in the crowd who praised her beauty and "coolness." Returning to her hometown, she was overwhelmed with the welcoming response. She joked with the crowd and encouraged everyone to see Handsome Suit (November 1, 2008 roadshow). 

I'm seriously considering starting a "dress like Keiko" segment. Stylist or no---she looks AMAZING in that outfit! I WANT IT! AHHHHHH! If I'm not mistaken, she's definitely wearing the friendship ring Tomoco got her. Enjoy the extra pictures below. ^_^


love said...

She must be very happy to go back to her hometown!

sakura_u said...

Please start up a "dress like Keiko" segment, i think it'll be pretty cool. Plus a lot of females find her style really cool, like me.